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The Zuka babies have finally been sorted!!

And I was not so lucky this year as I was last XD My baby, Yuunagi Ryou, has ended up in Hoshi. This isn't really a bad thing by any means, but it means now I gotta pay more attention to Hoshi XD I still like Beni, but definitely haven't paid as much attention to her as I used to, so its actually nice to have a new interest in Hoshigumi. I feel a little bad cuz really I have no interest in any of the babies that ended up in Yuki, but that also means my 98th affection will all be for Shimo X3 I think thats a good thing. And probably that I shouldn't write to her on my stationery that has green snowflakes on it XD

I've also decided on a new baby from Soragumi to support. I was lamenting to Julie last weekend that pretty much everyone I loved in Sora has retired except for Susshii-san. Bonbon's leaving, Amachaki is gone, Tonika and Koumai-chan have left... my interests in Soragumi all went away. She suggested that I would probably like Fuuma Kakeru (Puuma) and I should check her out. I only remembered today that she mentioned that I would like a Sorababy so I asked her her name again. I have noticed Puuma before, mostly in the iri pics from that one blog, and from some other reports from Japanese friends mostly. So I have decided that she shall be my new Sorababy. And who can go wrong with a nickname like Puuma XD And playing Kitarou in the next shinko ain't so shabby either :3


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