Sunday, 31 March 2013

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Again. Lazypants. Lazy. fucking. pants. For no good reason at all.

After my sicky time, I went to Cali to visit Ethan (my very best friend in the world, for those who don't know). I hadn't seen him in over 2 years. It had been so long and we're both in such much better mental places right now, it was a really awesome trip. It was just what I needed.

We went to Sebastopol and Guerneville... I think I'm spelling those right XD... and ate lots of food and took pics with Komugiraffe and looked in all the cute shops. We watched some Zuka, and Pitch Perfect (which I LOVED), and all around enjoyed each other's company. It was really awesome. His mom was really good people too, and made a delicious cake for Ethan's birthday on the 13th.

I'm sure I'm forgetting a lot of details from the trip, but one of the coolest things was when we watched Royal Straight Flush with his grandma. She has dementia and really isn't here at all, but she loves musicals. We put it on for her and she just smiled through the whole thing. It was SO awesome. I'm going to send them some more revues for grandma to watch, especially ones with songs she'll recognize. I think she'll really like Shining Rhythm, and Wonderland. And I just love Exciter!! so I'll send them that too X3 Ah, so many plans.

The trip and seeing Ethan really re-energized me. I've finally gotten my sleep schedule to a more normal place and I've been trying to do things instead of just sleeping until I have to go to work and wasting my day. I was feeling kinda bad yesterday though.... and did sleep until I had to leave for work. But today I'm feeling much better. I can't expect to feel better all the time I suppose. I'm trying to work on my drawing again... even if I suck I still like to do it XD I eventually want to start exercising again too >> We'll see if that actually happens. Hopefully in my revitalization I'll start updating here more as well.

I've got more to write about but I'm getting tired. Maybe I'll write more like... not in a month XD


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