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Tuesday, 2 April 2013 22:52
nijiumi: (Komu - OMG!)
Omg I am IN LOVE with this new "tomboy" (and I put that in quotes because, come on, look at them) K-pop group Global Icon. Their MV was just released today and I found myself actually waiting for it and getting ridiculously excited when it was finally released. These girls are amazingly hot and I absolutely love their sound. I don't really like the super poppy groups like SNSD, but GI's music is just... really cool. So different. Last group I got this excited about besides f(x), cuz I'll always get excited about them, and they'll always be my favorite K-pop group, was Hello Venus and my interest quickly waned with them... I'm hoping that doesn't happen this time cuz these girls are so freaking talented and hot and sdfglkjdfl yes.

I fucking LOVE OneKet. She is amazingly hot and gorgeous and I love her hair. And leave it to me to fall for the dancer of the group. I didn't like ARam at all in the teaser pics but she looks really different to me in the MV, I dunno.

The fact that I have the need to make a whole post about them instead of just reblogging everything I see on tumblr surely says something about how much they've captivated me XDD

Amber will always be #1 in my K-pop heart but... Global Icon!!! *flails* And all of them on Show Champion today... I WILL BE DEAD.

All I need is some new Komus and I'll be set >____>


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