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Oh man, I have been laaaazypants about updating. Not sure why... been kinda feeling meh in the mental health department lately. I've been working an average amount of hours, although this week totally blows. Only 2, maybe 3 days if my call in shift winds up actually being worked. It doesn't help I had to call out Friday and Saturday cuz I've been sick. Not sure what I have... I think some touch of the flu that's been going around, even though I had a flu shot. Its just been a super sucky couple of days. Right now I'm super tired because my mother doesn't understand the concept of not waking people up, and in constant stomach pain. Fun, I tell you.

Good news though is that my mom's bf (and his mom) should be here today! Its been a year and a half since we left Rhode Island, and he's finally getting here. Which means we can finally be on the road to them getting a house, and my mom moving out of the condo and my dream of living aloooone. You have no idea how excited I am about that.

It's also been officially a year since I started at Build-a-Bear. That means I've got a pawprint on my name tag now XD and that I'm getting a raise (I haven't actually gotten it yet). Had my annual review with Dbag Magoo manager too. It actually went way better than expected, and I think we understand each other a little better now. I hope. We'll see. I don't see him enough right now in our slower times that he's really any pain in my ass like he was during Christmas. I'm not ready to like him yet, but for now my hatred has been downgraded.

Alright, enough about work and sucky things. ZUKA. Yes. So I wrote about Puuma in my last entry, and while I still haven't watched anything that would have her in it (I have to see what I even have lol), her iri pics have totally shot me in the heart with Soragumi baby LOVE. Her last one she's all smiley and just... yes. I am melted. Soragumi baby most definitely GET.

Another one I haven't seen in action but who has totally stolen my heart: ASAMIZU RYOU. Holy crap. She is one freaking かっこいい baby. She has just captivated me. I don't think I have anything Hoshi that recent that she'd be in since she's small, but dang. Based just on superficial looks, I approve X3

Was gonna write some more, but I'm so tired. Maybe a nap is in my future.
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The Zuka babies have finally been sorted!!

And I was not so lucky this year as I was last XD My baby, Yuunagi Ryou, has ended up in Hoshi. This isn't really a bad thing by any means, but it means now I gotta pay more attention to Hoshi XD I still like Beni, but definitely haven't paid as much attention to her as I used to, so its actually nice to have a new interest in Hoshigumi. I feel a little bad cuz really I have no interest in any of the babies that ended up in Yuki, but that also means my 98th affection will all be for Shimo X3 I think thats a good thing. And probably that I shouldn't write to her on my stationery that has green snowflakes on it XD

I've also decided on a new baby from Soragumi to support. I was lamenting to Julie last weekend that pretty much everyone I loved in Sora has retired except for Susshii-san. Bonbon's leaving, Amachaki is gone, Tonika and Koumai-chan have left... my interests in Soragumi all went away. She suggested that I would probably like Fuuma Kakeru (Puuma) and I should check her out. I only remembered today that she mentioned that I would like a Sorababy so I asked her her name again. I have noticed Puuma before, mostly in the iri pics from that one blog, and from some other reports from Japanese friends mostly. So I have decided that she shall be my new Sorababy. And who can go wrong with a nickname like Puuma XD And playing Kitarou in the next shinko ain't so shabby either :3


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