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Yesterday I had a day where I absolutely love my job, and I felt like I made a difference for someone.

A family came in, the mother was getting a ton of the My Little Ponies, and the daughter (who looked about 15 or 16, I think) was getting just one of the simple white $10 bears. Before getting it stuffed she came up to me and asked if she could get my opinion. She was getting the One Direction "What Makes You Beautiful" sound inside the bear, and getting a white t-shirt to decorate with One Direction stuff. I told her I thought it was a great idea, and that while I wasn't a fan of One Direction, all my bears are named after people I love and am a fan of and I endorse cuddly versions of people they may fan over. The girl seemed really relieved, and I could tell without her even saying anything that she's gotten a lot of crap from her family about loving a band so much.

Luckily when it was time to stuff the bear, I got to do it for her. I told her that its great to love something so much and have something in her life to make her so happy. I showed her the bracelets I was wearing that say Komu, Manaharu, Mally and Amber... 4 people I love most in the world. (Note to self: Make OneKet and ARam bracelets XD.) Even though she didn't know who they were of course, she thought it was really cool. I talked to her about One Direction, and I don't know shit about them but she was so happy to have someone to talk to who was taking an interest and didn't make fun of her or anything. She mentioned how her parents made fun of her a lot and I told that it's okay to be a huge fan of something and to love whatever you want. She had British flags painted on her nails, which was SUPER awesome and I totally want to try, and when I asked her what her favorite One Direction song was, she had trouble answering and it was quite adorable. She said she loved to sing their songs too and asked if she could sing for me, and I was really quite flattered she was comfortable enough to put herself out there like that. She sang a bit of "What Makes You Beautiful" and she was really good! I sincerely thanked her for sharing her love of the band with me. She asked if she could give me a hug and of course I said yes, and I could tell I made her feel good that she is not alone in the world of fangirling.

I came to check on her a bit later, and she was making her birth certificate for the bear and she named it a name squish of all the One Direction guys' names... which made for something I couldn't pronounce XD She was so cute and pleased with herself. After they paid, I happened to be near the registers so she came over and gave me another hug and I told her, "Never stop loving what you love."

This is one reason I absolutely love my job and how I can touch people. We didn't have even remotely the same fandoms, yet we felt that connection for loving something as much as we do. And I'm so glad she could see that even when you're older you can still be an adult and its perfectly okay to be a fan of whatever you want.

My co-worker and I were talking later, and she was saying that after 5 years she was finding herself kinda over the job, but I don't think that'll ever happen to me. I love what I do.
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Oh man, I have been laaaazypants about updating. Not sure why... been kinda feeling meh in the mental health department lately. I've been working an average amount of hours, although this week totally blows. Only 2, maybe 3 days if my call in shift winds up actually being worked. It doesn't help I had to call out Friday and Saturday cuz I've been sick. Not sure what I have... I think some touch of the flu that's been going around, even though I had a flu shot. Its just been a super sucky couple of days. Right now I'm super tired because my mother doesn't understand the concept of not waking people up, and in constant stomach pain. Fun, I tell you.

Good news though is that my mom's bf (and his mom) should be here today! Its been a year and a half since we left Rhode Island, and he's finally getting here. Which means we can finally be on the road to them getting a house, and my mom moving out of the condo and my dream of living aloooone. You have no idea how excited I am about that.

It's also been officially a year since I started at Build-a-Bear. That means I've got a pawprint on my name tag now XD and that I'm getting a raise (I haven't actually gotten it yet). Had my annual review with Dbag Magoo manager too. It actually went way better than expected, and I think we understand each other a little better now. I hope. We'll see. I don't see him enough right now in our slower times that he's really any pain in my ass like he was during Christmas. I'm not ready to like him yet, but for now my hatred has been downgraded.

Alright, enough about work and sucky things. ZUKA. Yes. So I wrote about Puuma in my last entry, and while I still haven't watched anything that would have her in it (I have to see what I even have lol), her iri pics have totally shot me in the heart with Soragumi baby LOVE. Her last one she's all smiley and just... yes. I am melted. Soragumi baby most definitely GET.

Another one I haven't seen in action but who has totally stolen my heart: ASAMIZU RYOU. Holy crap. She is one freaking かっこいい baby. She has just captivated me. I don't think I have anything Hoshi that recent that she'd be in since she's small, but dang. Based just on superficial looks, I approve X3

Was gonna write some more, but I'm so tired. Maybe a nap is in my future.
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And I totally wasn't expecting it be X3

I was dragging my feet around, not wanting at all to go to work. I think working closing shifts is become harder for me than opening ones. This is really strange to me since I usually love sleeping in and don't really want to get up early to go to work but... now I feel like I'd rather get work out of the way earlier in the day and have evenings free. I used to always prefer working later so this is just odd XD I also find I spend the day then stressing about going to work later, and counting down the hours until I have to get ready. Stupid anxiety :/

Anyways, I got ready for work, and left at 430 pm as I usually do for a 6 pm closing shift.... but I get a call while I was on the bus from one of my managers that they really don't need me to come in, they already put away all the shipment and that it'd pretty much be pointless for me to drag my ass all the way to the mall. I get to my transfer point, and happily turn around and go home XD I was SO HAPPY. It was like the biggest feeling of relief I wouldn't have to deal with work tonight. Tomorrow I work during the day, so not getting home late is also a plus. UNEXPECTED EVENING OFF IS AWESOME.

I spent this evening off experimenting with gradient nail polish and I finally nailed (no pun intended XD) the effect on the third try and it looks sooo good. Perhaps I'll take a picture of it. But I am lazy. I really need to find my nail stamper >> I'm running out of creative things to do with just solid polish. I really think one of the cats took the stamper. ><

On a completely unrelated note, I think I'm going to give the anime Aikatsu! a try. Both of my Japanese Komu friends on twitter are amazing artists, and one of them drew some art from it and it was so cute. And it has to do with idols and has pretty colors. I figure she loves Komu as much as I do so she must have good taste XD

I hate thinking of concluding statements for my blog entries. I hate it when my entry doesn't seem complete, but I dunno what else to say. So yeah. I'm awesome >>


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